царство чистого звука!

Sex is the best medicine

This happens when having sex lasts thirty-one minute, then it comes into effect as a medical drug. Or, in a simple way, all the healing processes that are inherent to sex (and there are plenty!), begin to happen, it was after half an hour of sexual act. But it's nice if sexual act brings not only euphoria, but also treats as a medical drug.
Such conclusions were made by scientists that conducted a detailed analysis of biochemical processes that occur in the body during sex. To be more precise, this act helps body fight free radicals, which are responsible for development and the emergence of diseases.

If you do not have anyone to engage in long-term sex, you can ask Google and click on our website. Our ladies of pleasure may even teach you to have sex more than 30-40 minutes.

With the ladies from Gia agency, one can easily reach high satisfaction, because they know exactly what to do. You just click on the picture of the lady you like, and she is yours for the time you want. Our escort ladies never get you bored with their talks, because they can listen and do whatever you want to do. All of them are well-educated, so there won’t be any foolish things said.

Even if we speak about spontaneous sex, it is also ok with our escort ladies. They are always ready for experiments. And if you took her to the party or somewhere else, spontaneous sex is a wonderful thing to have.

Spontaneous sex is sex not between two strangers like in the movies, and with partners who know each other, who thus refresh their intimate life. You ay have sex in absolutely different places.

Below is presented a list of the most popular places to have sex immediately.

  1. Lift. Pressing the "magic" button, you have available half an hour before the arrival of the lifter.
  2. Aircraft. It is doubtful that you will be able to get a lot of pleasure, but the cheerful mood is guaranteed.
  3. Workplace. When you like your colleague and there isn’t any coworker close to you - then why not? The main thing is not to forget about the surveillance cameras, if any.
  4. Entrance hall, stairs. Not crystal clear, and the audience can appear unexpectedly, but if you can’t stand any longer – you are welcome.
  5. In the bathroom at a party. Yes, in this case, the alcohol plays a decisive role, which leads you to make decisive actions.
  6. In the car. Which is most often used. The most comfortable among listed above. Do not forget the handbrake!

Ladies from our agency are always glad to satisfy our client. And they are never tired, they don’t have headaches and “critical” days. Be our client because your satisfaction is all for us. 

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